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Deck foundations – There are two types of deck foundation we mainly use: Concrete pillars or piers and Techno Metal Post helical piles.

A solid foundation is necessary for the construction of a deck, often built with multiple levels, sometimes a roof, the weight on the foundation can be very high.

If you have an inadequate base, you risk costly repair expenditures. This same principle applies if there is a hot tub or other heavy objects on your deck.

Concrete foundation pillar/piers (sonotubes)

A concrete pillar was the main pillar foundation used for decks, 8”-10”-12” to 24” diameter, and approximately 48″ deep or more, depending the use, size and location of the deck.

Helical piles as deck foundations

A Techno Metal Post helical pile (or screw pile) is a giant metal screw that is installed in the ground by a certified technician until the exact bearing capacity for your structure is reached. They are screwed into the ground using proprietary machinery specifically designed by engineers to provide you with an accurate measurement which is tested and validated right on site, ensuring the foundation of your structure is solid and secure.

The difference in cost between a concrete pillar and a screw pile are not enormous, in our opinion as specialized deck builder with hundreds of completed deck projects, the helical screw pile is a much better investment for your deck.

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